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It's time we take our democracy back from the DNC. Together we can find the Superdelegates and hold them accountable to our votes.

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Find out the critical differences between Bernie vs Hillary

Find out the critical differences between Bernie & Hillary

Why Democrats Shouldn't Vote For Clinton


Hillary Clinton may be the DNC darling, but she should not be crowned the presidential nominee without popular consent. We the people cannot allow Clinton to win if we want to see a progressive White House. Clinton"s policies are center-right, she carries too much baggage and she has too many enemies to win the general election. Below is a list of reasons why Clinton is unelectable.

(The following list of Clinton's malfeasance will continue to grow in order to help convince everyone.)

  •    A vote for Hillary is a vote for Donald Trump
  •    All hope of a better world is gone for Clinton voters.
  •    Clinton campaign "represents" Jeb Bush donar "values better than Trump."
  •    Clinton is hoarding 99 percent of funds raised for state parties.
  •    Clinton is smearing Sanders by lying about his auto-bailout record.
  •    Clinton only authored three laws during her time as a Senator.
  •    Clinton SuperPAC caught spending $1 million on social media trolls.
  •    Clinton will bring misery and defeat making the party nearly irrelevant.
  •    Clinton's #HillarySoQualified Twitter campaign backfires.
  •    Clinton's Democrats are America's next Republicans.
  •    Deceit and power work in Hillary Clinton's favor.
  •    Dianne Feinstein can"t remember any of Hillary's Senate accomplishments.
  •    Even Clinton advocates understand she has a likability problem.
  •    FEC loophole mean trolling SuperPAC can openly coordinate with Clinton.
  •    Hillary Clinton keeps a hit list favor file of saints and sinners.
  •    Hillary's Seattle event was $2700 per seat and a $50,000 fee to talk to her.
  •    How Hillary buys the loyalty of state Democratic parties.
  •    Neocon's "candidate of the status quo," Clinton "2016's real conservative!"
  •    Obama protects Clinton by blocking TPP emails UNTIL AFTER ELECTION!
  •    Please recognize your privilege if you can afford 8 years of Clinton.
  •    Privilege is what allows Clinton supporters to advocate for her Presidency.
  •    Pro Clinton Super PACs are ghostwriting for the Op-Ed pages of newspapers.
  •    Senior Clinton aide tells reporter, "Fuck Bernie."
  •    The 'Never Clinton' Campaign
  •    The Clinton machine is cheating in the 2016 Primary process.
  •    The Clinton presidency was odious according to Thomas Frank.
  •    The DNC needs to end its fear of being too progressive.
  •    The DNC rigged the Rules, Credentials, and Drafting committees for Clinton.
  •    Trump has a two point lead on Clinton.
  •    Voters know Clinton is a liar.
  •    Will Hillary Clinton be worse than Trump?
  •    In states where voting machines are easier to hack Hillary does best.
  •    The Clinton Foundation may be the center of RICO racketeering charges.
  •    Forget Trump, Clinton is the ideal Republican nominee.
  •    2008 Clinton portrayed herself as a "pro-gun churchgoer."
  •    Clinton approved illegal weapons shipments to Libya.
  •    Overseas US arms sales skyrocketed while Clinton was Secretary of State.
  •    Which Hillary, pro gun control or arms dealer to Libyan rebels?
  •    Clinton will compromise on abortion with exceptions for mother's health.
  •    2 mil+ of Clinton's Twitter / Facebook followers are fake or never active.
  •    What has Hillary Clinton really accomplished? Nothing.
  •    Clinton agrees with Trump on censoring the Internet.
  •    Clinton and Chuck Schumer teamed with NYPD to push police militarization.
  •    Clinton receives huge sums in donations from the prison industrial complex.
  •    Clinton tried to censor video games and other media.
  •    Clinton was against gay marriage until she was forced to support it.
  •    Clintons lack of a strong position on DADT angers LGBT community.
  •    Gay rights activists say Clinton is wrong on her DADT, DOMA revisionism.
  •    Clinton believes Boeing needs your money to remain competitive.
  •    Clinton gets her talking points from Wall Street.
  •    Clinton sounds like a Goldman Sachs managing director.
  •    Clinton supported NAFTA until she needed Union endorsements.
  •    Clinton supported the TPP 45 times before she flip-flopped.
  •    GATT is one of the Clinton White House greatest failures.
  •    Hillary Clinton is not a champion of the middle class.
  •    Hillary Clinton oppposes reinstating Glass-Steagall.
  •    Hillary supports the Export-Import Bank corporate welfare scam.
  •    Trump is a result of Clinton era abuse of the "captured constituency."
  •    Clinton plans to slash longterm corporate taxes by hundreds of billions.
  •    Hillary Clinton emails reveal shameless promotion of private college.
  •    The Clinton family supports the great charter school rip-off.
  •    Clinton doesn"t really care about children drinking poisoned water.
  •    Clinton lies to voters about her 4.5 mil in donations from the oil industry.
  •    Clinton refuses to pledge ending donations from oil, gas and coal industry.
  •    Clinton supported the Keystone XL Pipeline until it became unpopular.
  •    Clinton used the State Department to promote fracking across the globe.
  •    Clinton yells #ImSoSick when confronted over 4.5 mil from Big Oil.
  •    Hillary Clinton has a close relationship with the fracking industry.
  •    Hillary Clinton will not ban fracking.
  •    Hillary's campaign flip flopped on the Michigan Gov's Resignation.
  •    Clinton energy initiatives pressured countries into fracking.
  •    A Clinton-scandal primer from Whitewater to Benghazi.
  •    Barack Obama explained how Hillary Clinton, "is just like Bush."
  •    Clinton as Secretary of State coordinated with her Foundation.
  •    Clinton charged a children's charity $200,000 for a speech.
  •    Clinton cynically made a deal with Obama to be the next president.
  •    Clinton had Vince Foster's missing ‪‎Rose Law Firm‬ records.
  •    Clinton has anger issues and cannot be told she is wrong.
  •    Clinton has been burying emails since she was first lady
  •    Clinton has ties to heroin kingpin Francesco "Ciccio" Gambino.
  •    Clinton is personally colluding and raising funds for her Super PAC.
  •    Clinton made $16.5m with scammers Laureate International Universities.
  •    Clinton paid herself over $254,000 from her presidential campaign.
  •    Clinton publicly attacked the character of her husband's rape victims.
  •    Clinton received $500K worth of jewelry from Saudi king.
  •    Clinton uses Blue Nation Review & DailyNewsBin to spread fake news.
  •    Clinton verbally abuses her employees and staff.
  •    Clinton's email server broke rules on record-keeping without approval.
  •    Clinton's lying is even worse than Trump's!
  •    Elizabeth Warren thinks Wall Street bought Hillary's vote.
  •    FBI investigation to find 30,000 deleted emails has seized six computers.
  •    Hillary Clinton gave inequality speech in an Armani jacket
  •    Hillary Clinton is a "congenital liar."
  •    Hillary Clinton smeared the victim of a child rapist.
  •    Hillary deleted her servers before handing them to the FBI.
  •    Hillary for Victory Fund may be violating campaign finance laws.
  •    Hillary goes to fundraiser at notorious mob mansion.
  •    Hillary may have 'triggered' suicide of Clinton counsel Vince Foster.
  •    Hillary won't say how much Goldman Sachs invested with her son-in-law.
  •    How the Clinton campaigns gets around Super PAC rules.
  •    News network lobbyists are raising money for Hillary.
  •    NRA lobbyist will co-host Clinton fundraiser.
  •    The Clinton foundation illegally accepted millions from foreign governments.
  •    The Clinton Foundation is full of crooks and thieves.
  •    When Clinton lobbyists become super delegates.
  •    Over half of donors to Clinton Foundation met with her as Secretary of State
  •    Hillary and her financial backers are no friends to women.
  •    Hillary does not represent all women and makes some feel powerless.
  •    Chamber of Commerce lobbyists says Clinton will support TPP after election.
  •    Clinton conspired against president Zelaya during 2009 coup in Honduras.
  •    Clinton conspired with Google CEOs to keep #Bengazhi video blocked.
  •    Clinton continually expresses a desire for a ground war with ISIS.
  •    Clinton declared, "If I"m President we will attack Iran."
  •    Clinton defends continued US Imperialism in Korea and Germany.
  •    Clinton dislikes MoveOn's anti–war policies.
  •    Clinton Foundation donors received $165b in weapons contracts.
  •    Clinton has always been a "war hawk."
  •    Clinton is a moderate Neo-Con supporting Wall Street and perpetual war.
  •    Clinton is at top of the donations list for weapons manufacturers.
  •    Clinton is obfuscating her role in the Honduran coup.
  •    Clinton pushes for NATO aggression in Europe.
  •    Clinton treats Haiti as a vassal state.
  •    Clinton voted for Bush's fraudulent and illegal war in Iraq.
  •    Clinton wants Assad regime change to ensure Israeli "nuclear monopoly."
  •    Clinton wants to end Obama's treaty with Iran in favor of new sanctions.
  •    Clinton will stop at nothing to stop American's from supporting BDS.
  •    Clinton will strengthen the military of Israel in spite of it's war crimes.
  •    Clinton's AIPAC speech is deeply troubling for world peace.
  •    Clinton's friend congratulated her on bombing of Libya.
  •    Clinton's hands are covered in Colombian blood–money.
  •    Clinton's policy on Latin American is a "crime story."
  •    Clinton’s State Department gave South Sudan a pass for child soldiers.
  •    Emails reveal Hillary Clinton implicated in Honduras coup.
  •    Hillary emails framed Gaddafi with "viagra to troops" mass rape accusation.
  •    Hillary rejected Saif Qaddafi plan to democratise Libya; bombed instead.
  •    Hillary wants to stop the non-violent BDS movement boycotting Israel.
  •    The Clinton foreign policies will make Iran and Syria worse.
  •    The Clintons were responsible for the death of 500,000 Iraqi children.
  •    Clinton gets $13 mil form Health lobbyists, says "never" to single-payer.
  •    Clinton will deport children even if it results in "great harm."
  •    Clinton will not support driver's licenses for undocumented people.
  •    Clinton, "I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigration."
  •    Latinos say Clinton is dangerous for immigrants at LA protest.
  •    The difference between Clintons wall and Trumps was that her's was real.
  •    Clinton has no respect for striking unions.
  •    Clinton pays her female employees less than their male peers.
  •    Clinton was on the Board of Wal-Mart as the company fought unions.
  •    Clinton's support of TPP was cut from paperback version of her book.
  •    Hillary Clinton did endorse a $15 minimum wage, just not for everyone.
  •    Bill Clinton defended 1994 Crime Bill while dismissing ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬.
  •    Bill Clinton interned for segregationist Arkansas Senator Fulbright.
  •    Clinton and the soft bigotry of low expectations.
  •    Clinton called single mother welfare recipients "deadbeats."
  •    Clinton called young black men 'super predators."
  •    Clinton has scammed the Southern states and is abandoning Obama.
  •    Clinton supported Goldwater during the 1964 presidential election.
  •    Clinton used sexism as a cudgel against both Obama and Sanders.
  •    Clinton vows to expand increasingly oppressive and racist secruity state.
  •    Clinton's "Three Stirkes" policy is why we need criminal justice reform.
  •    Clinton's 3:00 a.m. ad in 2008 had a "racist sub-message."
  •    Does it matter Hillary was a "Goldwater Girl?"
  •    Governor Bill Clinton kept the Confederate stars on the Arkansas flag.
  •    Hillary Clinton has a complicated history with incarceration.
  •    Hillary Clinton is against abolishing the unjust death penalty.
  •    Hillary Clinton wants women to shut up and vote.
  •    Hillary is a hypocrite on marijuana legalization.
  •    Hillary's atrocious race record has been painful.
  •    Listen to audio of Clinton speaking about her defense of a child rapist.
  •    Hillary helps a UBS — and then the bank funnels millions to the Clintons.
  •    Charity watch dogs can't agree if the Clinton Foundation is corrupt.
  •    96% of the Clintons’ 2015 charitable donations were to Clinton Foundation.
  •    The Clinton Foundation uses only 15% of their revenue on actual charity.
  •     Why human rights abusers and tyrants donate to the Clinton Foundation.

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    On the Futility of Write-Ins

    You may want to write Sanders on the ballot this coming election but you would do better not to even vote.

    Only 8 states allow voters to cast unrestricted write-in ballots. Eight. In 35 states the write-in candidate must file paperwork in advance of the election. And in seven states, write-in voting for presidential candidates is not even permitted. Of those 35 states a few may allow a write-in campaign to be organized by voters in support of a candidate who is not personally involved in running; the decision to allow this form of a draft campaign is left to each state’s municipality.

    In close Presidential elections, write-in votes used to serve as a burden more than anything tactical. But today, modern polling places are prepared to ignore write-in votes using the most advanced technology available. Optical scanning machines are preprogrammed to automatically "kick out" write-ins from the computer's running tabulation. The machine then literally spits the write-in ballots into a pile on the floor. County polling representatives "sort" through the pile later.


    A draft campaign for Sanders might feel good but it is not going to elect Sanders.

    A populist draft campaign for Sanders isn't going to produce positive results.

    Okay, whom should I vote for?

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