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Under no circumstances
will I vote for Hillary Clinton.

The DNC and Clinton machine are using the same dirty tricks they used in 2008. Sign this pledge and send a message to the establishment that Democracy is not a plaything for the elite.


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It's time we take our democracy back from the DNC. Together we can find the Superdelegates and hold them accountable to our votes.

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Find out the critical differences between Bernie vs Hillary

Find out the critical differences between Bernie & Hillary

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Why Democrats Shouldn't Vote For Clinton


Hillary Clinton may be the DNC darling, but she should not be crowned the presidential nominee without popular consent. We the people cannot allow Clinton to win if we want to see a progressive White House. Clinton"s policies are center-right, she carries too much baggage and she has too many enemies to win the general election. Below is a list of reasons why Clinton is unelectable.

(The following list of Clinton's malfeasance will continue to grow in order to help convince everyone.)


On the Futility of Write-Ins

You may want to write Sanders on the ballot this coming election but you would do better not to even vote.

Only 8 states allow voters to cast unrestricted write-in ballots. Eight. In 35 states the write-in candidate must file paperwork in advance of the election. And in seven states, write-in voting for presidential candidates is not even permitted. Of those 35 states a few may allow a write-in campaign to be organized by voters in support of a candidate who is not personally involved in running; the decision to allow this form of a draft campaign is left to each state’s municipality.

In close Presidential elections, write-in votes used to serve as a burden more than anything tactical. But today, modern polling places are prepared to ignore write-in votes using the most advanced technology available. Optical scanning machines are preprogrammed to automatically "kick out" write-ins from the computer's running tabulation. The machine then literally spits the write-in ballots into a pile on the floor. County polling representatives "sort" through the pile later.


A draft campaign for Sanders might feel good but it is not going to elect Sanders.

A populist draft campaign for Sanders isn't going to produce positive results.

Okay, whom should I vote for?

A Word From the Author

Spencer Thayer

Spencer Thayer

This site is not funded by the GOP or a conservative SuperPAC.

This site is a self funded project solely operated by myself and a growing group of volunteers.

I am a radical–Socialist with a long history of Leftist leaning anti-racist and anti-capitalist activism. Attempts to connect me to rightwing organizations are either ill conceived conspiracy theories or cynical attempts at dismissing the message of those who have signed the pledge.

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Racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, and lunatics voting for that idiot Trump will be banned and their comments removed.

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